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Ship’s agent service  

Ship’s agent service in Klaipeda port and in ship’s repair yards  
Representation of the Customer interests (financial, commercial, juridical etc.,);  
Information about dock harbor regulations, customs, port dues and taxes to the operators of  quay, consultation concerning the choice of service and goods; 
Ship’s agent service, protecting agent;  
Formalities, connected with harbor approach, time in port and leaving of a port;
Ship’s supply, ship’s company, passengers and cargoes service;
Generation  of customs  cargo   and other documents
Ship’s supply and service in port  
Transport and fishing ship’s service (discharge, change and rest of            ship’s company, repair, ship’s and fishing supply);  
Generation  of customs  cargo  and other documents  
Examination and repair of spare parts, radio navigation equipment, etc.,  
Delivery of fuel, oil (grease), water, service of communication and   transport and other services in accordance with the request of the  Customer;  
Delivery of corrugation packing, barrel packing, etc.,;  
Transportation services forwarding operations and goods on-board delivery;  
Generation of customs  cargo and ship’s documents  
INQUIRY of ship's agent service in port 
Marine transportation of cargo.
Bulk cargoes (loose bulk, liquid, etc.,) carriage on tramps;
General cargoes carriage in containers, packs, pallets on liner ships;
Carriage of railway waggons, trailers, motor transport with cargoes on sea ferries via Klaipeda port (Lithuania); 
Carriage of refrigerated cargoes, including fish cargoes from fishery regions, delivery of ship’s supply cargoes;
Representation of the Customer interests (financial, commercial, juridical etc.,);
Consultation concerning the choice of cargo delivery, conditions and best prices of marine transportation of cargoes.
Cargo agent service in port.
INQUIRY of marine transportation of cargo 


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