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Stevedoring service of cargoes in ports of Klaipeda and Kaliningrad

Representation of the Customer interests (financial, commercial, juridical etc.,);
Consultation concerning the choice of port, stevedoring company, terminals in accordance with the efficiency and best prices of the transfer of cargo;
Loading-unloading, storage of cargoes in warehouses and customs terminals;
Stevedoring service in port (interaction between customs and veterinary-sanitary department, and between transport company and stevedoring company);
Reception and shipment of cargoes, tallyman service;
Order of transport means, delivery of a cargo to the place of destination;
Generation  of cargo, carriage and other documents;
Repacking, remarking, packing repair, weighing and attaching of cargoes and other services, connected with the cargo handling in port;
Examination of quantity, quality, weight, packing, seals and inspection of cargo handling rate.
Stevedoring service of cargoes in accordance with the contracts of the Customer, and with the contracts of UAB “Uosto Vartai”
Priority of our company is stevedoring service of the following cargoes:
General cargoes (case, bag, barrel, palletized, big-bag, etc.,);
Bulk cargoes (mineral fertilizers and agriculture production);
Refrigerated cargoes (fish and meat production);
Ship’s supply ( cargoes corrugation packing, barrel packing, etc.,)
Liquid cargoes (molasses, syrup, oil, etc.,)

 INQUIRY of stevedoring and transport - forwarding service of cargoes in port


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